Painting Whiteface Mountain, New York

Cabin fever is setting in but Dora and I are in good spirits.  She is busy quilting and I continue to paint new mountains. We are thankful for the support from our family and friends and wish everyone health and stability in this unprecedented time. 

Many of you have asked if I ever painted Whiteface Mountain in New York. Unfortunately, I was never asked!  Normally, I am contracted by each resort to paint their map, but with extra time at home, I decided to paint it for myself.

Whiteface is a visually dynamic mountain with varied degrees of skiing from beginner-friendly to double black diamond runs. In this unofficial painting of Whiteface I decided to paint in a style similar to my Snow Country Magazine work in the 90s. Early morning sun always shines dramatically on Eastern facing slopes so I have chosen this light for Whiteface. When it is complete, I’ll be sure to add this new painting, which I am calling Whiteface Awakes, to the website.

Many of you have asked for more Art Prints. We just added thirteen new mountains at various sizes for a total of nearly 100 different Art Prints available. The new mountains include: 

California - Bear Mountain, Dodge Ridge, Sierra-at-Tahoe

Colorado - Ski Cooper

New York - Bristol

Oregon - Mt. Hood, Timberline, Mt. Ashland

Utah - Utah Interconnect

Washington - White Pass

West Virginia - Snowshoe

Canada - Mont Tremblant (South Face)

New Zealand - Whakapapa

Most parts of the country have had great skiing conditions this spring, but I hope you all stayed safe instead.  Stay healthy and dream of fresh tracks this coming season.