The Man Behind the Map

Hand painted mountain maps by James Niehues

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A Lifetime of maps

I have hand painted almost 200 resorts on 5 continents in the 30 years of my career.  I have been fortunate to travel the world, work with wonderful people, and I’m still doing it!  Click here to see my work.

Every Map painted by hand

I paint each map by hand using a brush and airbrush over several months.  Every mountain is different and I carefully capture the detail and variations of nature’s beauty in each scene. Learn more about my technique in the video below.

Guide to the Mountains

My maps have been used by hundreds of millions of people all over the world. I work hard to make sure each piece is a useful guide to the resort it depicts, gives you a feel of the mountain, and helps bring you lifetime memories!

Meet James

From Great Big Story, learn more about James Niehues and his incredible process